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macy here.

i am:

decidedly crescentharpe's twin sis and gwynfryd's Yamada, a hsj-fangirl. a shipper. weird. a music lover. an anime addict. an artist? lazy. an animal lover (especially dogs.) a friend. most of the time shy. simple. crazy. so if you're up for it (and if we have something in common), you can add me up BUT please do introduce yourself first before adding me. any introduction is fine. :D



all fanfics are publicly posted and will remain so as long as this account is alive and livejournal had not disappeared from the face of internet. BUT I have made a writing comm: [ profile] gwynmacyharpe because of a mini-heart attack I experienced just the other day (details here). Currently, I am copying all my fics to that comm (betaed and bannered most of them anyway, and with PDF versions as well xD). In the future, I'm planning on posting my fics directly to the comm. old fics posted here won't be erased, but future fics won't be posted here anymore. As the name suggests, the comm is for three authors, me, crescentharpe/Mai and gwynfryd/Jan, so expect their fics as well. I'm hoping to finished posting my old fics before the year ends so I guess by January this journal would more or less become friends-only. ^^



I am a medical student so i don't think we'll really be able to chat and stuffs, sorry. >.< but I do still want to make friends so please feel free to add me and leave comments and stuffs. I'll be sure to reply to them though I'm not sure if I can as soon as I want. I don't really control my schedule anymore. I'll do my best though! :D

hope you understand and wish me luck! :D

i am:

Mai's self-proclaimed twin sister. don't worry, she agrees. i love her and she loves me. xD

Jan's Yamada. We have a YamaChii relationship. she likes being spoilt, i like spoiling her. lols

a hsj-fangirl. I don't really know how it happened. Before I have them ranked but now... how can you not love them, really?? anyway, my Ichiban is Inoo Kei. xD and my Niban is Nakajima Yuto and after that I just love them all the same. lols. I also like Arashi, NEWS, Kis-My-Ft2, Kinki Kids, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, Juniors, SMAP, just, I like JE okay. And I also follow H!P, my favorite there is Fukuda Kanon so I love S/mileage. I also love Momusu, Buono!, C-ute, okay, I just like H!P as well... and really, JPOP in general cause I also like SCANDAL, Dream5, AAA, Perfume, Tokyo Girl Style, Utada Hikaru, YUI, JUJU, I just like them all! LOLs. I'll stop since this list will go on for forever. haha

About Kpop, I'm neither a fan nor an anti-fan. I follow some of them (sometimes) and I have crushes (girl-crushes mostly xD) but I hate it when Jpop is being compared to Kpop. They are different, just accept it.

a shipper of YamaShi, UmiChii, OhgoJima... I just love Horikoshi pairings in general. I also like RyuKo (Ryunosuke and Mayuko), RyuuNon (Ryutaro and Kanon), MariSaki (Nishiuchi Mariya and Takahata Misaki) and I'm shipping Nakajima Raiya and Yoshida Riko (RaiKo? xD) now, too... and i like HSJ-friendship fics, I also like Nakashi and Kamishi... but Yamashi is my bias.

weird. so i might post things that are kinda weird.

music lover. i can't last a day not hearing any song. i love Jpop and oldies. i like many genres, really. well, i'm not much of a fan of opera and i hate songs that only has swear words as lyrics. my stories are almost always influenced/prompted by songs.

an anime addict. but not so much now. i don't have much free time because of my course (i was a bio student and now a med student) but i still go to anime and cosplay (alodia gosiengfiao rocks!) conventions whenever my schedule let me. my favorite anime is daa! daa! daa!, yu yu hakushu and naruto.

artist? i sketch, i paint, etc. but i'm not sure it's worth seeing. i might post some arts........ no, maybe not.

lazy. so i might not post anything at all for weeks. but i love hsj so much, that's a good motivation. xD

animal lover. i just have to share that. it's part of me. we have around 20 pets (dogs, cats and even albino rats). xD

a friend. i can be a friend. i'm rather a shy person so some might mistaken me for a snob but really, i want to have many friends! :D

simple. so don't expect much.

crazy. so if you're up for it (and if we have something in common), you can add me up.

I do blog.  i do rant about RL sometimes and there's this 'Life Lyrics' i've been posting lately. they're just blogs. i love music so i almost always correlate songs i hear with my life. those entries are basically about that. ^^

Rarely I do memes... I don't know, I have fun reading memes but I always forget to do them. /shot. I don't really flail much here. I do that in FB or in RL. haha.

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