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Hey guys~! Tomorrow's a National Holiday in our country so there's no classes and I can go online! yey!

anyway, this is regarding my paranoia of my livejournal account suddenly disappearing if you follow the fb page, you'd know. :)). because of the mini-heart attack i and some of my readers recently experience, one of my friend suggested that i make a reading comm with two other maintainers so if ever my fears came true, my fics will still be safe (since there are other maintainers.) I've decided to follow that advice and i've already made the comm: [ profile] gwynmacyharpe though there's nothing much in there as of now.

the other maintainers are [ profile] crescentharpe aka Mai (another author) and [ profile] gwynfryd aka Jan (my beta-reader).

i'll be posting all my fics in that comm but i won't be deleting them here in my journal. this is just a precaution. /shot

in the future though, i'll stop posting fics in my own journal and just post there. so my journal would be exclusively friends-only.

it'll take some time to post all my fics there though, cause i want to read them all again and edit wrong grammars and stuffs like that. and i think i'll be posting a pdf version of the fics so you can download your own copy (since many of you always ask if they could save a copy of some of my fics. :D).

i told Mai and Jan to also post their fics there. maybe we'd also post other fandom-related stuffs we make like fanarts and manips. :D
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