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Tile: Halfway
Author: macymacymacy
Pairing: Chinen-centric, implied UmiChii
Genre: Familial
Rating: G
-rushed. unbetaed.
-I've no update with chii or jump, soo…
-let's just say Chii's parents are in Shizuoka.
-I don't really know much about trains in Japan, but let's just say they still have services even after 11pm. And.. Well, just accept what I say about trains in this fic. /shot
-plot not mine. This fic have references to my other fic:Always, Forever (UmiChii)


"Happy Birthday." Dai-chan said as the elevator stopped on the 7th floor, playfully punching me on the arm before we separate.

I felt all my exhaustion as I see my hotel room's door. We had work all day today, too. It was getting busy for JUMP these days.

I opened the door with my card key and went straight to my bed, hastily taking off my shirt and lying down. I saw the clock as I lay. It was almost 10pm. It's actually a bit earlier than normal. But all the same, my birthday would be ending soon.

JUMP prepared a simple cake to celebrate. We really couldn't do more, but eat it during our break. Our schedule was filled today. I guess I'm thankful I didn't have to go through a dokkiri like Yama-chan, though.

My musings were interrupted when my phone rang. I reached for it on the table.

I smiled when I saw it was mom. I realized they haven't greeted me yet. They were probably considering my work, and waited until late so they wouldn't disturb me. Umika also did that; yesterday around this time.

"I wanted to be first." She had told me.

I sat up and answered the call.

"Hey mom."

"Yuri! Happy Birthday!" She said, sounding very excited. I couldn't help but laugh. My mom is as energetic as ever.

"Thanks." I said.

"How's your day?" She asked. And for a long time we talked. I told her about what we were doing these days. I told her about the small celebration we had. I told her about everything and anything I think I haven't told her yet.

She told me about how things are going at home. About my dad's new car and his obsession with it. About Nee-chan and a competition she's planning on joining. About how we used to celebrate my birthday back when I was little. My mom didn't say, but I knew she was missing those days. I was, too.

When we ended the call, I some felt lonely. I really miss my family.

Deciding in the spur of the moment, I stood up and wore my shirt again. I took a coat and started for the door. I really wanna see them today. I wanna surprise them.

I took a cab to the train station and quickly bought a ticket to Shizuoka. It was already half pass 10. I only remembered I didn't wear any disguise when I bought the ticket. The lady before me had recognized me. It was fortunate though that there weren't many people at this late hour.

I got on and sat in a far corner of the train, trying to be inconspicuous. After half an hour of ride, I got off in Atami to change trains. Another thirty minutes after, I was finally in Shizuoka. And again, I took a cab.

Seeing our home on this day felt somehow different than other days. I can't believe how much I miss it, even when I've been going away for years now. I guess there's still no other place like home.

I went straight to our front door and knocked. I was surprised when I realized the door was locked. Are they already asleep?

I took out my phone and called my mom's number.

She answered almost at once. So surely at least she wasn't asleep.

"Yuri?" She said.

"Mom? Where are you?" I asked.

But I think she didn't hear. She said, "Are you already asleep? Open your door."

Realization hit me, and I just started laughing. I think she realized what happened as well, because she started to laugh after a while.

"I guess you miss me, too." I said.

"We all do." Mom said. And I knew she was with my dad and neechan as well.

I went back to the train station and both ticket to Tokyo.

But I met my family halfway, in Atami. It was already five minutes to midnight. And in this last minutes of my birthday, my family started singing, with neechan holding a cake for me. I was both touched and amused, especially when other people in the station started singing as well. It was one of the best birthdays ever.


I smiled at the memory. It feels like it was just yesterday, though already fifteen years had passed.

Now, I'm sitting here in Atami station, waiting in the last minutes of my birthday. I am not expecting mom or dad or neechan. But since it's the first time they would be away on my birthday, I think…

And then I saw them, and I couldn't help but laugh.


"They really came…" Umika said besides me, sounding both awed and amused.

Kaito and Sayu.

I saw Sayu's eyes widen as it landed on us. And Kaito just plainly gaped at me. I stood up and Umika followed me and took my hand. Together, we moved towards them who were standing frozen in the middle of the station.

Hastily, Kaito unwrap the cake he was carrying and started singing a birthday song for me, a little awkwardly.

Sayu grinned, amused. She started singing as well as Umika besides me, who was grinning from ear to ear.

The twins were both laughing when we finally reached them, and I just grinned.

"How did you know??" Sayu said, with a little pout. "Kaito did give it away!" She said, glaring at his brother.

"I did not!" Kaito said at once.

I laughed. "No. After your call, I just wanted to see you so I left for your hotel. Then I realized, you might be thinking the same thing."

"It's true." Umika said, smiling at me.

"Yeah, we wanted to see you, too." Kaito said, beaming.

"We missed you." Sayu said. "Happy birthday, dad."

"Happy birthday!" Kaito said with enthusiasm.

"Thanks." I said, and the people around us started applauding.

“The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.”



-in going to shizouka from tokyo:

~The Tokaido Shinkansen runs one Hikari train per hour which stops at Shizuoka (and pauses for about 5 minutes while faster Nozomi trains barrel through the station). It is one hour from Tokyo.

~Standard local trains from Tokyo take about 3 1/4 hours at a cost of ¥3260, requiring at least one change of trains at Atami.
(from Wikitravel)

---so I mixed that for the fic. /shot

-so it's implied that chii and umika also chose to live in shizuoka. /whacked. and the twins already have careers here.

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