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 Just an advertisement for my sister's shop~

(Philippines-Based shop)


A Cake and Pastry Shop that specializes in the famous French Choux Pastry or Pâte à Choux.
Pâtisse-Rhie (pah/tees/ree; from the French word Pâtisserie, meaning Cake and Pastry Shop) offers wide selection of french pastries, cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries that you can think of. We specializes in the famous french Choux (shoo) Pastries (or Pâte à Choux [puh/tuh/shoo]); Cream Puff, Éclair, Profiteroles, Croquembouche, Paris Brest, Religieuses, Puits d' Amor, Pont Neuf, and a whole lot more. We also do custom cakes for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and all other occasions.

General information:
For inquiries and orders, feel free to call or send us an SMS at +632 915 697 33 97 (GLOBE), or send us a message on Facebook (; please do like the page. ^^) or on our e-mail address:

some pictures of the cakes my sister made:

kitkat piggies~ cookie monster~
cake with Kit-kat, fondant, choco fudge~                                               cookie monster cake with real cookies

67542_373092946143944_1528262850_n 183608_389518597834712_88340179_n
an order from Malaysia for the buyer's mom here in the Philippines                    my sister's birthday gift to our aunt who loves bags

376014_382243725228866_23339641_n 386919_382244081895497_324746506_n
Oggy and the Cockroaches cake and cupcakes
541194_366904030096169_1844829941_n 548511_278767095576530_1730550625_n
adventure time. finn cake and jake cupcakes                                 my sister also does cake prints. edible paper and ink.
310982_382767718509800_210952593_n 598756_285584751561431_1129691202_n
nautical design                                                                                my sister's CREAM PUFFS. ARE. THE. BEST. XD

602668_337142326405673_417321090_n 922778_389520731167832_30849776_n
pooh birthday cake~                                                                      sister's gift for my mom for mother's day. i edited the pic. xD

for more pics, go here:

you can also order something like this:
arashi cake
credits to

she was actually supposed to make yamashi cupcakes for me but during that week there were lots of orders so it couldn't be done. :(

my sister also do chibi-versions of the recipient (she makes me draw them). she did one last week for an acquintance's wedding anniversary bad we weren't able to take a picture because it was all rushed (and the party was in Tagaytay) so yeah...

again, for inquiries and orders, feel free to call or send us an SMS at +632 915 697 33 97 (GLOBE), or send us a message on Facebook (; please do like the page. ^^) or on our e-mail address:
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