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 Just an advertisement for my sister's shop~

(Philippines-Based shop)


A Cake and Pastry Shop that specializes in the famous French Choux Pastry or Pâte à Choux.
Pâtisse-Rhie (pah/tees/ree; from the French word Pâtisserie, meaning Cake and Pastry Shop) offers wide selection of french pastries, cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries that you can think of. We specializes in the famous french Choux (shoo) Pastries (or Pâte à Choux [puh/tuh/shoo]); Cream Puff, Éclair, Profiteroles, Croquembouche, Paris Brest, Religieuses, Puits d' Amor, Pont Neuf, and a whole lot more. We also do custom cakes for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and all other occasions.

General information:
For inquiries and orders, feel free to call or send us an SMS at +632 915 697 33 97 (GLOBE), or send us a message on Facebook (; please do like the page. ^^) or on our e-mail address:

some pictures of the cakes my sister made:

kitkat piggies~ cookie monster~
cake with Kit-kat, fondant, choco fudge~                                               cookie monster cake with real cookies
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you can also order something like this:
arashi cake
credits to

she was actually supposed to make yamashi cupcakes for me but during that week there were lots of orders so it couldn't be done. :(

my sister also do chibi-versions of the recipient (she makes me draw them). she did one last week for an acquintance's wedding anniversary bad we weren't able to take a picture because it was all rushed (and the party was in Tagaytay) so yeah...

again, for inquiries and orders, feel free to call or send us an SMS at +632 915 697 33 97 (GLOBE), or send us a message on Facebook (; please do like the page. ^^) or on our e-mail address:
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HIATUS til Feb. 3 (Friday).

It's our final thesis defence
and the deadline for med application.


wish me luck!

i'll be replying to messages/comments when everything's over.
i'm loving YamaShi group (facebook) more. xD

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(This is only for Filipinos out there, sorry.)

Ate Jessica is a very very very very great writer. She's the reason why I started writing stories myself. She have many stories easily accessed in her webpage. Some of my fics are actually inspired by her stories. The stories are written in Filipino, btw.

I'll be posting the synopsis of some of the stories. :D

(the photos are made by me. click em to go to the story's page. ^^)

Her first story, The Diary:

Lj Martinez is just a typical girl you'll meet everyday. But never will she expect that her life would change when she started her junior year in high school. There, she met Daryll Romualdez, on whom every girl dreams to be with. He's smart, good-looking, a gifted musician, and an athlete, which made him probably the most famous guy in school. He's almost too perfect to be true. Although he's the guy you are most looking for, he's always alone, runs away from other people, got no friends, turns all girls down, and says what he wants to say even though it'll hurt somebody else's feelings. Will Lj be able to figure out the reasons behind his mysterious actions?

I love this. The reason why I fell in love with Ate Jessica. xD I've read this when I was in second year high school, I think. It's also one of the reason reading became my hobby. The story is quite long but I promise you, you wouldn't even feel the lenght. For me it was a cliffy. /whacked

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There are more stories! Please check her webpage out! :DD



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