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how's everyone going?? :D

i am still alive, just very busy. by july i would start living in a dorm so i wouldn't even be able to be a ninja around here. /sighs

anyway, i have 8-9 am classes today, supposedly but i forgot to re-set my alarm and my next class later at 5-7pm (yes, my sched SUCKS BIG TIME) so i'll take this chance to post something here. :))

i realized i haven't shared here about Alodia Gosiengfiao penetrating Jpop world. so there, she did. she's the leader of a cosplay jpop group called SUPER DOLLS.

"Super Dolls is a 3-member cosplay j-pop group. The group consist of 3 girls. Alodia from the Philippines – Cosplayer attracting the most global attention, RiE from Japan – World Cosplay Summit 2009 Grand Champion and Fujaara also from Japan – Mystery cosplay singer and voice actor.

3 cosplayers from completely different backgrounds got to know each other at the 2012 Big Show. Without much thought the trio decided to do what they could to add some energy to the international cosplay scene as a group. Fujaara invited the support of a music producer, Mr.Fusejima and the unit was born.

By the way, here is a link of Alodia's Tokyo Tour and Album Recording with the Super Dolls! Check it out! xD
link -"/i>


this is their first PV (which, in my opinion, is a bit awkward):
PVs and links~ )

so there, they're more far away than ever. /shot sorry, i'm still bitter i couldn't go to TOYCON or CNBLUE's concert or Sungha Jung's concert (which all happened in the same weekend). T-T

that's it for this post. :))) 
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why are there so many alodia-haters?

she's really a sweetie.

i mean, okay, so i've talked to her only about two times.

and the first time i was gawking at her.

i'm straight, okay. but she looked like cg!! you can not not stare!

i mean look at this:

never mind the guy, but you can almost mistaken her as part of the poster. /whacked.

anyway, those two times i talked to her, she was so down to earth! she's very timid, she seems shy, but she's very friendly and nice.

i must admit though that i didn't really like that she's an actress now... nothing against her. but the entertainment industry here is... well, i guess everywhere is the same... they just like to dig dirt and even make up ridiculous stories about people... it's a complicated world...

oh well. i love her anyway. :D

anyway, another alodia picspam for those who don't hate her :D

under the cut. :D )
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AFAX Videos )and two pics. FAIL!!!! I only saw this now!!! DX

(click to enlarge)



i know i'm late, and i know i'm making a big deal out of this (kaname hugged everyone, even the big ol' gundam) but i can't help it. xDDDDDDDDDD
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I just wanna say... Alodia, why so gorgeous?? *A*

alodia picspam... again )
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Title: Enna-chan Chapter 4
Pairing: RyuuNon
Author: Macy ([ profile] macymacymacy )
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Fantasy
Rating: G
Prompt: FT Island's Love PV
-Natsune - Ryuu's younger sister
-AU since Natsune became 6 years younger than Ryuu, since there's no 'smileage' in this universe and fictional history
-OOC? Ryuu here is like my ideal niichan XD

His eyes then went to the bedside table only to realize that Enna-chan wasn't there )

thanks for reading!

next ---> 5

More fics? Go here---> FANFICTION INDEX
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Taking a break from my Jpop fandom....

I wanna share about Alodia and Ashley! XD Well, I don't really know much about them so these are just basic infos I just stole it from their FB
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we (mai and one of our RL friend) would hopefully be going to ToyCon (anime convention) tomorrow! i'm so excited!

this is embarrassing )


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