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how's everyone going?? :D

i am still alive, just very busy. by july i would start living in a dorm so i wouldn't even be able to be a ninja around here. /sighs

anyway, i have 8-9 am classes today, supposedly but i forgot to re-set my alarm and my next class later at 5-7pm (yes, my sched SUCKS BIG TIME) so i'll take this chance to post something here. :))

i realized i haven't shared here about Alodia Gosiengfiao penetrating Jpop world. so there, she did. she's the leader of a cosplay jpop group called SUPER DOLLS.

"Super Dolls is a 3-member cosplay j-pop group. The group consist of 3 girls. Alodia from the Philippines – Cosplayer attracting the most global attention, RiE from Japan – World Cosplay Summit 2009 Grand Champion and Fujaara also from Japan – Mystery cosplay singer and voice actor.

3 cosplayers from completely different backgrounds got to know each other at the 2012 Big Show. Without much thought the trio decided to do what they could to add some energy to the international cosplay scene as a group. Fujaara invited the support of a music producer, Mr.Fusejima and the unit was born.

By the way, here is a link of Alodia's Tokyo Tour and Album Recording with the Super Dolls! Check it out! xD
link -"/i>


this is their first PV (which, in my opinion, is a bit awkward):
PVs and links~ )

so there, they're more far away than ever. /shot sorry, i'm still bitter i couldn't go to TOYCON or CNBLUE's concert or Sungha Jung's concert (which all happened in the same weekend). T-T

that's it for this post. :))) 


Sep. 2nd, 2011 12:16 am
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i made something random... lol. inspired by my movie marathon earlier.

i usually watch romance movies. lols.

It's been more than a month since Harry Potter 7 part 2 and I've watched so many times now. But I still cry whenever they play Hedwig's theme, during the sacking of the Prince, The Prince Tale, and the Epilogue. I don't know what's wrong with me. Just saying. ;w;
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just dropped by to say I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! i really really really really want to reply to your comments and comment on many entries but i can't access lj thru web... i can only read entries thru my phone, and post thru Semagic (LJ client)~ that's the only lj-thing i can do right now.
it's soooooo frustrating! i can see so many downloads i wanna download but i can't download them!!! /blabbing. i've been made a mod in [ profile] nxtpageurstory but i haven't even did a single thing as mod (i'm so sorry [ profile] hazel2883, [ profile] aemrith, [ profile] katrinalacson. ;_;)
it's our internet connection, i think. i don't know why but i can't access lj, dramacrazy, twitter, and so many other sites. sometimes i can't even access google or facebook. and even if i do access mediafire, the download wouldn't start. TTT^TTT i am so outdated with the dramas!~~ i wanna watch ikemen desu ne ep 5... and ouran and conan and zenkai girl and bull doctor and /shot. just, i feel like i'm missing so many things. for heaven's sake! WI-TRIBE IS KILLING MY CYBERLIFE I AM SO DEPRESSED. ;A; and just when my exams are over and i have a long weekend (no classes tomorrow)! i really hate this.... i've just been watching old videos to pass the time (i've watched almost everything... from PVs to concerts to shokura, hey!3x, showaxheisei, hyakushiki, yayayah, etc.)...and writing some fics... but i don't want to post them til i can reply to comments!!! it's already around 46 messages/comments/updates i think... and i can't reply.... and it's just ;A; /whacked.

anyway, happy birthday [ profile] bokunostation! i've made a fic for you, if you still haven't seen it. it's called 'One Fleeting Reality.' i hope you'll like it. :)
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I just wanna share.
True story here in the Philippines. Happened just recently.

One scary jeepney ride. This was posted in FB. My friend knows these two students in the story...

The story in Filipino. )

Fail Translation for those who wants to read )

Scary times. >.< i'm always commuting at night and alone... and my journey is over an hour.... my university is sooooo far from home....

take care everyone!!!


Mar. 31st, 2011 04:41 pm
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Just about my fics...

I have two unpublished fics right now, one TakaNoo fluff/friendship and one YamaRiya/YamaShi/MariSaki angst/fluff but I'm thinking of posting it some other time since I've already posted Keitai Denwa now. Whenever I post in bulk, only a few are read so... /whacked.

There are so many fics in progress right now. I really don't know which to finish first. I'm working on a YamaShi/OhgoJima request but I feel like I'm not really doing it right /sigh. There's also a crack drabble set, a short MariSaki, Keito-centric, UmiChii, and YamaShi coming...

I'm also working on Kanagawa Prefecture Chapter 5... Six fics I'm working on. /whacked /shot /bricked.

Actually, it was supposed to be seven fics, cause there's still Kyanpu! but... I think I should probably put that one on hold for now. I still haven't gotten over Chapter 5 disappearing so...

I'll focus on Kanagawa Prefecture for now then I'll get back to Kyanpu! Don't worry, I'm not abandoning it. And I'm sure my little sister won't let me either. She loves LYRICS (the original story) too much (she have a soft and hard copy, and she names her things after the characters =.=) and she absolutely want to see a RyuuNon version of it. I'm a bit scared of her (she's doing Taekwondo, and she's bigger than me) so I'll probably continue that before she goes berserk on me.

Still about Kyanpu! I am officially putting that on hold for now but I just have a question. I've finished Chapter 4... should I post it now or would it be better to post it later when I resume working on the fic?? Tell me your thoughts. btw, Chapter 4 is Kanon POV xD

To everyone, thanks so much for reading my fics even though they're not really that good. Thanks for those who always comment. Your comments makes me smile and makes motivated to write more. Hontoni, thanks so much! Love you guys! &hearts;
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we've been friends since forever and will be till forever! LOVE YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!!!!!!

really, you don't have to open this. xD )

my ABC

Jun. 12th, 2010 12:09 pm
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I have my own ABC in my profile but what the heck. XD

from Mai

ABC About You :

A - AVAILABLE: committed to my course...
B - BIRTHDAY : September 27. :D
C - CRUSHING ON : so many celebrities. XDDD

Read More... )
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(got the link from [ profile] gwynfryd )

i took so many tests! it was fun! XD

Read more... )


Jun. 11th, 2010 03:23 am
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I want to share something about my life but right now

I have NO LIFE. XD

I've got nothing to do here but write fics. My laptop is in coma again I'm using my little sis and older sis' computers alternately and my sister is going on about how I should not waste all my old plots just because I'm so lazy and to at least make them into fanfics and share them here with you. She even said I should just drop my course (pre-Med) and become a professional writer. Mean! she only wants me to finish writing her favorite story! Anyway, come the 21st I won’t even have a cyber life. I'll live a desperate-nerd-desperately-studying-and-desperately-praying-to-pass-her-course life. It is a DESPERATE life. So I'll continue my NO LIFE status and try to make as many fics as I can and to make [ profile] crescentharpe 's video before the 21st. I want to read fics too but since i have limited time, and I have to share the comp to my sisters since technically, they are the ones sharing, I'll just write fics first.


Jun. 9th, 2010 07:04 pm
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I am very active right now cause I know come the 21st I wont have time for this anymore...

My course is taking over my life...

I have so much to learn about LJ but BIOLOGY is already appealing for my attention.


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