Nov. 30th, 2012 08:15 pm
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sorry i failed posting what i want to post this break. /shot

i seriously need to focus on my studies this time around since it's my last chance to pass my subjects this year. i've finished with one subject last sem, Family Medicine and fortunately i passed (half the class didn't >.<) i have to do my best for the remaining five subjects. wish me luck! :D

ps. i will still try to post fics/updates if i can make them. but i probably wouldn't be able to reply to comments at once. it'd be great if you do comment though... ^^

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Hey guys~! Tomorrow's a National Holiday in our country so there's no classes and I can go online! yey!

anyway, this is regarding my paranoia of my livejournal account suddenly disappearing if you follow the fb page, you'd know. :)). because of the mini-heart attack i and some of my readers recently experience, one of my friend suggested that i make a reading comm with two other maintainers so if ever my fears came true, my fics will still be safe (since there are other maintainers.) I've decided to follow that advice and i've already made the comm: [livejournal.com profile] gwynmacyharpe though there's nothing much in there as of now.

the other maintainers are [livejournal.com profile] crescentharpe aka Mai (another author) and [livejournal.com profile] gwynfryd aka Jan (my beta-reader).

i'll be posting all my fics in that comm but i won't be deleting them here in my journal. this is just a precaution. /shot

in the future though, i'll stop posting fics in my own journal and just post there. so my journal would be exclusively friends-only.

it'll take some time to post all my fics there though, cause i want to read them all again and edit wrong grammars and stuffs like that. and i think i'll be posting a pdf version of the fics so you can download your own copy (since many of you always ask if they could save a copy of some of my fics. :D).

i told Mai and Jan to also post their fics there. maybe we'd also post other fandom-related stuffs we make like fanarts and manips. :D
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Untitled 2

what do you think of my costume?? XD
haha, seriously though, i was scared at looking in the mirror while in this get-up. it's toshio(from ju-on/the grudge)-inspired. i look a lot like him, you see. especially when i was 7 years old. my hair was short then. the first time the family watched ju-on, the reaction in toshio's appearance wasn't fear but excitement because he looks like me. :)))
well, i hope everyone's having a fun halloween so far! :D

anyway, halloween-ish fics:
Title: Hey! Say! JUMP is Back
Characters: Hey!Say!JUMP
Genre: Crack, Crack, Crack
Author: macymacymacy 
Rating: G
-I just bullied HSJ. lol
-inspired by a music video. XD
Warning: UNBETA-ed, this is a horror fic,



Title: Rumors
Genre: Romance, Tragedy, Spiritual
Pairing: Morimoto Ryutaro x Fukuda Kanon, Yamamoto Ryosuke x Kumai Chizuko, Tanaka Juri x Shingai Ayaka
Author: macymacymacy
Rating: PG
Summary: A memory. A remembrance. A promised broken. A longing. A confession of pain. There is neither happiness nor misery in this existence.
-supposed to be a horror but jeez, my 'Hey! Say! JUMP is Back' is more scarier, and that's a crack fic. /whacked.
-just tried. just failed. i am aware.
-rushed and unbetaed
-starring horikoshi 1D (well, half of them)
-since I don't know any of them except Ryuu, Kanon, Juri and Yukito, expect OOC-ness.
-lame ending. seriously.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


Not sure if this one is appropriate for Halloween, but since it talks about kitsune.. lols:

Title: Tadhana
Pairing: RaiKo
Author: macy
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Angst
Rating: PG
- AU, OOC, unbetaed, rushed, random. it's kinda weird.
- songfic. This is one of my favorite opm songs~ it's just so beautiful~<3
- Raiya's POV. Kinda connected to my other historical fic, "Horikoshi on LJ: A Wish" though this one doesn't use old english like that one. I got lazy. /shot
- I've read about japanese folklore (reference here) and I'm aware I changed many things but it's kinda necessary for the plot. ^^;
- song, lyrics and translation not mine. I did try to translate it myself, but gosh it really is deep Filipino, so I used this site's instead. :) it's "Tadhana" (Fate/Destiny) by Up Dharma Down, btw.

ako ang kanlungan mo


Title: The Sixth Sense
Pairing: YamaShi but the story is mainly about Riko.
Genre: Horror, Slice of Life, Drama, Friendship
Rating: PG
Summary: Dr. Yamada's new patient, Kawashima Riko is a very kindhearted girl. Dr. Yamada is determined to help her.
-a Halloween Fic.
-This is my own version of the movie of the same title. It's actually quite accurate, cause I really love this movie. it's very moving...
-AU and OOC, really the characters are different people with just the same names as our idols. lol.
-this is very long that i made it into a multichap
-UNBETA-ed and rushed
-THIS IS A HORROR FIC, a serious story... well, it's sadder than it is scary...

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HIATUS til Feb. 3 (Friday).

It's our final thesis defence
and the deadline for med application.


wish me luck!

i'll be replying to messages/comments when everything's over.
i'm loving YamaShi group (facebook) more. xD


Jun. 30th, 2011 03:45 pm
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Just here to say that I don't think I'll continue Kyanpu! It's just impossible to write now... Anyway, I can post the original story if you like (though that's in Filipino. If you really want to read it, I'll try to translate). I'll continue to write RyuuNon fics though, if plotbunnies popped up. I will ship them forever. /whacked. Kyanpu... I don't know, I just can't continue it anymore at least that's how i feel right now.

And... I'll upload happier fics starting tomorrow. lol. Wait, I think I still have some angsty-fic in my closet, but never mind that. We should stay happy guys! JUMP wouldn't want us to be sad. It's their job to make us smile anyway so start smiling again! :D


Jun. 27th, 2011 08:23 pm
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whew~ i haven't access LJ for four days :O and when there's so many updates! Dx anyway download-galore starto~ XDDD

will post some updates too. i am sooo happy. hahahaha.
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hello everyone. i'm reposting my intropost in case someone miss it (yes, i actually have one) and because i added some more stuffs

before that, something random:

it's an NYC micropipettor (laboratory equipment used for pipetting hence the name) lols. even the heights match! XD
macy here.

i am:

decidedly [livejournal.com profile] crescentharpe 's twin sis and [livejournal.com profile] gwynfryd 's Yamada, a hsj/je/h!p/jpop-fangirl. a shipper. weird. a music lover. an anime addict. an artist? lazy. an animal lover (especially dogs.) a friend. most of the time shy. simple. crazy. so if you're up for it (and if we have something in common), you can add me up BUT please do introduce yourself first before adding me. 

"friend" according to the dictionary is someone whom one knows, likes and trusts. let's start with knowing each other and maybe we could grow to like and trust each other, too.

any introduction is fine. :D

all fanfics are publicly posted
. if you're here for that, it's still better to at least comment here and say, "Here for the fanfics..." or something. just so I know you're not randomly adding me. really even just a "Fanfic." is fine. I'll already understand. :)

what to expect from this journal:

FANFICTION, FANART/FANWORK, JE, J-Culture, Cosplay, Anime, Harry Potter, books, blog, meme, rants, flailing xD

and, uhm, I don't do requests... so please don't ask. /shot. what I write is usually based on own experiences, observations and weird ideas... and I write on my own style and pace~ and I don't really like saying 'no' so please just don't ask... >.< (more explanations down there, under the fake cut)

( must read!! )

on another note, it's Nishii's birthday is in ten minutes so I'll set my unbetaed Horikoshi 1D fic in public. :D


Jun. 6th, 2011 07:20 pm
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HEY PEOPLE! /waves.

so many added me again without introducing themselves. i'm not very fussy about that really, but just so you know, I don't bite. and for those who wants to be mutual friends with me, please introduce yourself in my intropost! :)

i'm not forcing anyone. for those who just wants to read my fanfics and don't really wanna bother with me, that's fine as well. :DD

i don't really post much besides fanfics anyway, but you know, it's great to have more friends. ^^


Mar. 31st, 2011 04:41 pm
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Just about my fics...

I have two unpublished fics right now, one TakaNoo fluff/friendship and one YamaRiya/YamaShi/MariSaki angst/fluff but I'm thinking of posting it some other time since I've already posted Keitai Denwa now. Whenever I post in bulk, only a few are read so... /whacked.

There are so many fics in progress right now. I really don't know which to finish first. I'm working on a YamaShi/OhgoJima request but I feel like I'm not really doing it right /sigh. There's also a crack drabble set, a short MariSaki, Keito-centric, UmiChii, and YamaShi coming...

I'm also working on Kanagawa Prefecture Chapter 5... Six fics I'm working on. /whacked /shot /bricked.

Actually, it was supposed to be seven fics, cause there's still Kyanpu! but... I think I should probably put that one on hold for now. I still haven't gotten over Chapter 5 disappearing so...

I'll focus on Kanagawa Prefecture for now then I'll get back to Kyanpu! Don't worry, I'm not abandoning it. And I'm sure my little sister won't let me either. She loves LYRICS (the original story) too much (she have a soft and hard copy, and she names her things after the characters =.=) and she absolutely want to see a RyuuNon version of it. I'm a bit scared of her (she's doing Taekwondo, and she's bigger than me) so I'll probably continue that before she goes berserk on me.

Still about Kyanpu! I am officially putting that on hold for now but I just have a question. I've finished Chapter 4... should I post it now or would it be better to post it later when I resume working on the fic?? Tell me your thoughts. btw, Chapter 4 is Kanon POV xD

To everyone, thanks so much for reading my fics even though they're not really that good. Thanks for those who always comment. Your comments makes me smile and makes motivated to write more. Hontoni, thanks so much! Love you guys! &hearts;


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