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how's everyone going?? :D

i am still alive, just very busy. by july i would start living in a dorm so i wouldn't even be able to be a ninja around here. /sighs

anyway, i have 8-9 am classes today, supposedly but i forgot to re-set my alarm and my next class later at 5-7pm (yes, my sched SUCKS BIG TIME) so i'll take this chance to post something here. :))

i realized i haven't shared here about Alodia Gosiengfiao penetrating Jpop world. so there, she did. she's the leader of a cosplay jpop group called SUPER DOLLS.

"Super Dolls is a 3-member cosplay j-pop group. The group consist of 3 girls. Alodia from the Philippines – Cosplayer attracting the most global attention, RiE from Japan – World Cosplay Summit 2009 Grand Champion and Fujaara also from Japan – Mystery cosplay singer and voice actor.

3 cosplayers from completely different backgrounds got to know each other at the 2012 Big Show. Without much thought the trio decided to do what they could to add some energy to the international cosplay scene as a group. Fujaara invited the support of a music producer, Mr.Fusejima and the unit was born.

By the way, here is a link of Alodia's Tokyo Tour and Album Recording with the Super Dolls! Check it out! xD
link -"/i>


this is their first PV (which, in my opinion, is a bit awkward):
PVs and links~ )

so there, they're more far away than ever. /shot sorry, i'm still bitter i couldn't go to TOYCON or CNBLUE's concert or Sungha Jung's concert (which all happened in the same weekend). T-T

that's it for this post. :))) 
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Title: Code
Genre: Romance, Angst
Pairing: Kuroda Seira (Shida Mirai) x Tanaka Ainosuke (Yamada Ryosuke)
Author: [ profile] macymacymacy
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: the song 'Code' is obviously not mine, and translation credits goes to [ profile] debbie_chan
-for koigaii
-AU and OOC
-it's deleted, so obviously, this is UNBETAed
-first time writing a dorama & crossover fic.
-this was supposed to be the intro of chapter 9 but... i decided not to use this. the chapter 9 is very different from this.. just thought i'd post it anyway (cause i wanna post the trailer as well. xD). chapter 9 is finished, btw, i'll post it first thing tomorrow (hope lj cooperates).


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i just wanna share... if anyone's interested in S/mileage's first concert:

Smileage 1st Live Tour 2010 Aki – Devil Smile Angel Smile

i uploaded it in mf (11 parts):
001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - 010 - 011
(join with HJSplit/FFSJ)

i got it from here. credits to ace3@jpfiles (even the pic is from there)

sadly, there's no sub....  do anyone know where i can get subs for s/mileage??  i want to download Kanyon and Wada's DERO episode too but that's raw as well... is there a fansub team for s/mileage or hello! project?

it's really hard to follow them unlike hey! say! jump... (which is ironic since tsunku is a lot more lenient about advertisements online than johnny) /sighs.

anyway, happy downloading!
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we've been friends since forever and will be till forever! LOVE YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!!!!!!

really, you don't have to open this. xD )
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AFAX Videos )and two pics. FAIL!!!! I only saw this now!!! DX

(click to enlarge)



i know i'm late, and i know i'm making a big deal out of this (kaname hugged everyone, even the big ol' gundam) but i can't help it. xDDDDDDDDDD
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Taking a break from my Jpop fandom....

I wanna share about Alodia and Ashley! XD Well, I don't really know much about them so these are just basic infos I just stole it from their FB
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I ripped the video of Umika playing the piano so if anyone is interested.. :D 
sorry i don't know the title of this piece.

EDIT: According to Mai, it's Chopin "Fantasie" Impromptu, Op. 66



her playing is  ♥A♥

this is my first time doing this so just tell me if I did something wrong or if I forgot something.. :)


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