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macy here.

i am:

decidedly crescentharpe's twin sis and gwynfryd's Yamada, a hsj-fangirl. a shipper. weird. a music lover. an anime addict. an artist? lazy. an animal lover (especially dogs.) a friend. most of the time shy. simple. crazy. so if you're up for it (and if we have something in common), you can add me up BUT please do introduce yourself first before adding me. any introduction is fine. :D



all fanfics are publicly posted and will remain so as long as this account is alive and livejournal had not disappeared from the face of internet. BUT I have made a writing comm: [ profile] gwynmacyharpe because of a mini-heart attack I experienced just the other day (details here). Currently, I am copying all my fics to that comm (betaed and bannered most of them anyway, and with PDF versions as well xD). In the future, I'm planning on posting my fics directly to the comm. old fics posted here won't be erased, but future fics won't be posted here anymore. As the name suggests, the comm is for three authors, me, crescentharpe/Mai and gwynfryd/Jan, so expect their fics as well. I'm hoping to finished posting my old fics before the year ends so I guess by January this journal would more or less become friends-only. ^^



I am a medical student so i don't think we'll really be able to chat and stuffs, sorry. >.< but I do still want to make friends so please feel free to add me and leave comments and stuffs. I'll be sure to reply to them though I'm not sure if I can as soon as I want. I don't really control my schedule anymore. I'll do my best though! :D

hope you understand and wish me luck! :D

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Fanfiction Index




*last updated: 10/23/2012

- I categorized the stories according to the main pairing I used in each. Some of my stories include multiple pairings but it would only be enlisted under the main pairing's list. If you'd like to see all stories and entries involving a pair, please use the tags. :)
- InooBu, YamaChii, YamaJima and the likes are all under Hey! Say! JUMP. These are gen fics though, I am not fond of slash fics....
- Horikoshi Gakuen mainly revolves around the YamaJimaChii's and Ryuu's batch. Horikoshi pairings include Sakamoto Shougo x Maeda Nozomi, Irie Jingi x Irie Saaya, and some other.
- Other Pairings include Nakajima Raiya x Yoshida Riko, Chinen Yuri x Fukuda Kanon, and random unheard pairings I made up. You can use the tags here too since all pairings have its own tag. There are also other group fics there (NEWS and Arashi, mainly.)
**'Various Pairings' usually means YamaShi + OhgoJima UmiChii + some more pairs. xD

Previous Fics
Recent Fics:
278 New Year Promise (RaiKo)
279 Strangers (Michishige x Kato)
280 The Accident (YamaShi)
281 Two Body Interactions (KouTomo)
282 Naturally (OhgoJima)
283 Positive-Negative (YamaShi)
284 Yamada's Complex (NEW!YamaMori)
285 Risou no Musuko SP || part 1 | part 2 || ongoing (YamaShi)
286 Sinking Boat (Horikoshi; OhgoJima)

thanks for visiting this journal. :D

tags page : here
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how's everyone going?? :D

i am still alive, just very busy. by july i would start living in a dorm so i wouldn't even be able to be a ninja around here. /sighs

anyway, i have 8-9 am classes today, supposedly but i forgot to re-set my alarm and my next class later at 5-7pm (yes, my sched SUCKS BIG TIME) so i'll take this chance to post something here. :))

i realized i haven't shared here about Alodia Gosiengfiao penetrating Jpop world. so there, she did. she's the leader of a cosplay jpop group called SUPER DOLLS.

"Super Dolls is a 3-member cosplay j-pop group. The group consist of 3 girls. Alodia from the Philippines – Cosplayer attracting the most global attention, RiE from Japan – World Cosplay Summit 2009 Grand Champion and Fujaara also from Japan – Mystery cosplay singer and voice actor.

3 cosplayers from completely different backgrounds got to know each other at the 2012 Big Show. Without much thought the trio decided to do what they could to add some energy to the international cosplay scene as a group. Fujaara invited the support of a music producer, Mr.Fusejima and the unit was born.

By the way, here is a link of Alodia's Tokyo Tour and Album Recording with the Super Dolls! Check it out! xD
link -"/i>


this is their first PV (which, in my opinion, is a bit awkward):
PVs and links~ )

so there, they're more far away than ever. /shot sorry, i'm still bitter i couldn't go to TOYCON or CNBLUE's concert or Sungha Jung's concert (which all happened in the same weekend). T-T

that's it for this post. :))) 
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 Just an advertisement for my sister's shop~

(Philippines-Based shop)


A Cake and Pastry Shop that specializes in the famous French Choux Pastry or Pâte à Choux.
Pâtisse-Rhie (pah/tees/ree; from the French word Pâtisserie, meaning Cake and Pastry Shop) offers wide selection of french pastries, cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries that you can think of. We specializes in the famous french Choux (shoo) Pastries (or Pâte à Choux [puh/tuh/shoo]); Cream Puff, Éclair, Profiteroles, Croquembouche, Paris Brest, Religieuses, Puits d' Amor, Pont Neuf, and a whole lot more. We also do custom cakes for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and all other occasions.

General information:
For inquiries and orders, feel free to call or send us an SMS at +632 915 697 33 97 (GLOBE), or send us a message on Facebook (; please do like the page. ^^) or on our e-mail address:

some pictures of the cakes my sister made:

kitkat piggies~ cookie monster~
cake with Kit-kat, fondant, choco fudge~                                               cookie monster cake with real cookies
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you can also order something like this:
arashi cake
credits to

she was actually supposed to make yamashi cupcakes for me but during that week there were lots of orders so it couldn't be done. :(

my sister also do chibi-versions of the recipient (she makes me draw them). she did one last week for an acquintance's wedding anniversary bad we weren't able to take a picture because it was all rushed (and the party was in Tagaytay) so yeah...

again, for inquiries and orders, feel free to call or send us an SMS at +632 915 697 33 97 (GLOBE), or send us a message on Facebook (; please do like the page. ^^) or on our e-mail address:
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Title: Positive-Negative
Author: macy
Pairing: YamaShi
Rating: PG
Summary: save for both Mirai and Yamada going to the infirmary, it was just a normal day in Horikoshi Academy
-very random. unbetaed, rushed.
-Horikoshi 3D still in high school here.

( this is actually quite predictable. :)) )
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Title: Naturally
Author: macy
Pairing: OhgoJima
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, Friendship, Romance
-unbetaed, rushed.
-actually made in between classes for many many days (like, one line per day.) it was a good thing I wasn’t able to transfer it to my laptop with what happened (my laptop is in coma). So I just had to look at my lecture notes and find arrange it.
-a little long. Supposedly very short, but then Raiya came. /shot

Love nothing but that which comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny. For what could more aptly fit your needs?

--Marcus Aurelius

( Read more... )
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Title: Two Body Interactions
Pairing: Yabu Kota x Ogawa Tomomi
Author: macy
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating: G
-inspired by a true story and a Harry Potter fanfic~ XD
-rushed, unbetaed.
-caused I missed Kou-chan's birthday. /shot
Disclaimer: Thesis not mine. :)


( Year 2016 )
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Title: Horikoshi University
Author: macy
Pairing: horikoshi pairings~
Genre: fluff, friendship
Rating: G
-random. Unbetaed.
-it's the Horikoshi people but instead of being in high school, they're in college….
-happened at school last Thursday XD


( #3 )
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Title: The Accident
Pairing: YamaShi
Author: macy
Genre: fluff, friendship, romance
Rating: G
guys~ I'm NOT back. But since Novee asked, and I really missed writing…
though this fic really is rushed and I'm not very satisfied with how it
turned out, hope you enjoy reading.
-little late but Happy Valentine's~!
-will update with an actual banner and the pdf file. don't have time right now. i'm late for school. /shot

( Amusing... )
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Title: New Year Promise
Author: macy
Characters: Nakajima Raiya, Yoshida Riko, Yo Marius, Matsushima Sou, Kuramoto Kaoru. :)))
Genre: Friendship, Fluff, Crack
Rating: G
- AU!!! :)))) /shot.
-inspired by a chapter from Dear School Gang Leader

dude! we're barely out of-!!  )


Title: Strangers
Pairing: Kato Shigeaki x Michishige Sayumi
Author: macymacymacy
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating: G
-unbetead, rushed.


take me to your heart... )
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Title: Technicalities
Author: macy
Pairing: YamaShi
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Summary: let's seat down and analyze the word 'jealousy'
-unbetaed, rushed.
-YamaShi is just friends here. Not together… yet, at least. xD
-I couldn't prepare any other gifts for you fellow YamaShi shipper, I hope this will do (though I think this is a fail. DX). Happy Holidays!


( fake cut... )
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Title: Parrot
Author: macy
Beta: jan
Pairing: Okamoto Keito x Inoo Shinju ([info]shinju) x Nakajima Yuto, other pairings shinju ships~
Rating: G
Genre: Drama, Romance, Friendship
-had a hard time thinking about how i should go about writing this, so everything will make sense. i hope this is okay. :)))
-thank you for reading till the end! :D
-ps. this will be the last fic i will post here in my own journal. the new ones will be posted directly in our writing comm: [ profile] gwynmacyharpe, but i will still post link here. ^^

part 9 )

why 'parrot' )
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Title: The Greatest Fan
Author: [ profile] macymacymacy
Beta: [ profile] gwynfryd
Genre: Romance, Crack?
Rating: G
-random thought. idea given by Jan :)) hope you'll like it


a fan report )

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Title: Parrot
Author: macy
Pairing: Okamoto Keito x Inoo Shinju ([info]shinju) x Nakajima Yuto, other pairings shinju ships~
Rating: G
Genre: Drama, Romance, Friendship
-it is 9 parts~! :)) i'm almost finished with the last one. i realize some things don't add up. but that's because i forgot to mention it in previous chapters. lols. it's hard to do a multichap where you have to slowly give little details as you go. i always forget what things the reader still doesn't and does know. /shot jk is such a genius. :)))
spoilers )

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Nov. 30th, 2012 08:15 pm
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sorry i failed posting what i want to post this break. /shot

i seriously need to focus on my studies this time around since it's my last chance to pass my subjects this year. i've finished with one subject last sem, Family Medicine and fortunately i passed (half the class didn't >.<) i have to do my best for the remaining five subjects. wish me luck! :D

ps. i will still try to post fics/updates if i can make them. but i probably wouldn't be able to reply to comments at once. it'd be great if you do comment though... ^^

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Tile: Halfway
Author: macymacymacy
Pairing: Chinen-centric, implied UmiChii
Genre: Familial
Rating: G
-rushed. unbetaed.
-I've no update with chii or jump, soo…
-let's just say Chii's parents are in Shizuoka.
-I don't really know much about trains in Japan, but let's just say they still have services even after 11pm. And.. Well, just accept what I say about trains in this fic. /shot
-plot not mine. This fic have references to my other fic:Always, Forever (UmiChii)


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Hey guys~! Tomorrow's a National Holiday in our country so there's no classes and I can go online! yey!

anyway, this is regarding my paranoia of my livejournal account suddenly disappearing if you follow the fb page, you'd know. :)). because of the mini-heart attack i and some of my readers recently experience, one of my friend suggested that i make a reading comm with two other maintainers so if ever my fears came true, my fics will still be safe (since there are other maintainers.) I've decided to follow that advice and i've already made the comm: [ profile] gwynmacyharpe though there's nothing much in there as of now.

the other maintainers are [ profile] crescentharpe aka Mai (another author) and [ profile] gwynfryd aka Jan (my beta-reader).

i'll be posting all my fics in that comm but i won't be deleting them here in my journal. this is just a precaution. /shot

in the future though, i'll stop posting fics in my own journal and just post there. so my journal would be exclusively friends-only.

it'll take some time to post all my fics there though, cause i want to read them all again and edit wrong grammars and stuffs like that. and i think i'll be posting a pdf version of the fics so you can download your own copy (since many of you always ask if they could save a copy of some of my fics. :D).

i told Mai and Jan to also post their fics there. maybe we'd also post other fandom-related stuffs we make like fanarts and manips. :D
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Title: Parrot
Author: macy
Pairing: Okamoto Keito x Inoo Shinju ([info]shinju) x Nakajima Yuto, other pairings shinju ships~
Rating: G
Genre: Drama, Romance, Friendship
-sorry for the delay! >.<
-Long one, this one. Maybe because I haven't uploaded for so long. You know what? I originally planned for this to only be a two-shot. That's why I used 'part' instead of 'chapter' but it got away again! Lols. I'm thinking 9 parts. I hope it's really only 9 parts. Sometimes one part just becomes really long that I need to cut it. /shot

part 1part 2 | part 3 | part 4part 5 | part 6

part 7 )


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