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Title: The Greatest Fan
Author: [ profile] macymacymacy
Beta: [ profile] gwynfryd
Genre: Romance, Crack?
Rating: G
-random thought. idea given by Jan :)) hope you'll like it


December 2017

Okay, I'm starting to think my brilliant plan wasn't so brilliant after all.

I was fortunate enough to get a ticket for the Malaysian event, after standing in line for nine hours. I'm actually not sure if that was worth it. I could have gotten a ticket easily with my connections but I just had to rationalize and convince myself that I should give at least the effort all her other fans give.

And now I'm here waiting for the autograph session to start, if it will really start. I woke up very early because as to what I know, most fans wake up very early for these events. Some even stay overnight so they could save a spot.

I should have expected it was true. When I arrived at the venue, there were already so many people there. She really have so many fans.

There was a line, and maybe there were around a hundred and twenty people ahead of me. I waited for another two hours before the line started moving. There were even more people and the security started tightening up. I guess they had to be careful since the event is in another country; and you wouldn't really be able to predict what would happen as accurate as you would in Japan, your own country. But it's still a little surprising because from what I know, this is an impromptu event. Something they agreed to because of overwhelming public demand. And of course, Shimazaki Haruka wouldn't want to let her fans down. That's how she is. That's why she's forever my… well, main oshi.

I was next to the stage after maybe another hour. And after some brief comments from the organizer (which I couldn't understand since it is said in Malay), her newest single started playing and she came out from behind the stage with her usual big smile.

I gripped the paper I had been holding the whole time since arriving here, feeling nervous all of a sudden. I've wanted to do this for months now, but I just didn't have a chance. When I found out she would be having a photoshoot here in Malaysia and then the impromptu autograph session, I thought it would be a good chance.

But I don't know anymore. Help.

Calm down. I need to calm down. I just need her to sign. She wouldn't refuse, would she?

I… am not really sure but I'll just have to wing it. I'm already here. I waited for God knows how long for this day, I just have to get it over with.

I feel warm now, annoyingly. My get up is getting to me. It's a lot warmer here than in Japan. Maybe wearing a cap, a face mask and jacket was too much. Everyone only has eyes for her, anyway.

When I was close enough and I could finally see her, I started feeling a little dizzy out of nerves.

I realize that security is really heavy. There was a security by the line, security on the stage and one behind Paruru. And there was another one standing behind the person taking her autograph, so he can pull the person away when the time is up.

I realize I have to do this very very quickly.

I haven't really made a definitive plan when it was already my turn. There was no turning back. It's now or never.

Ignoring her greeting unlike the other fans before me, I just shove the paper in front of her. She looked shocked and the security was glaring at me, but I ignored it and pointed at the paper.

When she looked down, I pulled of my face mask. I almost forgot to do that. Paruru's eyes widen when she realized what the paper was and she turned back to me looking a little scared for a second. But then she saw my face.

I could see from my peripheral view the security behind her started gesturing for me to move, but I didn't budge and only looked at Paruru.

And it came. She smiled, and then started laughing. She waved away the security and picked up her ballpen.

She looked at me first and rolled her eyes at me. I could see though that she's amuse. I felt lightheaded then. I knew her answer.

Grinning, she started signing the paper. I didn't know what got in to me. I might have gone crazy, but I started laughing. And she joined me after a while.

She gave me back the paper and then sighed exasperatedly.

"What the hell, Kyomoto." She said with a laugh.

"It worked." I just said with a shrug. "So, we'll register as soon as we're home?" I had to ask.

"Yes." She said, seemingly forgetting everything around us. "Honestly though, you almost gave me a heart attack. I thought some creep wanted to trick me into signing a marriage certificate. It turns out I'm right."

"I'm not a creep." I said half-serious, half-playful.

"You kinda are." She said, grinning mischievously.

"But you're still marrying me." I pointed out.

She smiled. "I guess I am."

I grinned and leaned down, but the stupid security pulled me before I could kiss her. We're practically married, damn it.

-lame ending is lame.
-is the AKB stuffs right? /whacked.
-and I'm marrying everyone in Macyville. /shot

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